Swimming with whale sharks in Mexico

Monday, 16 August 2021

If you come on vacation to Cancun between late May and mid-September, you have a unique opportunity to swim with whale sharks in the Caribbean Sea. Swimming with whale sharks in Mexico is deservedly popular with tourists and during the season is the most popular excursion in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

And we strongly recommend that you take this opportunity for several reasons.

5 reasons to book an excursion Swimming with whale sharks in Mexico

  • There are a limited number of locations around the world where large colonies of whale sharks congregate during seasonal migration close to shore.
  • The whale shark feeds on plankton and is completely safe for humans.
  • Whale sharks in Mexico come close to the surface and you don't need any special skills, equipment, or certifications to see them. Fins, masks, and snorkels are enough.
  • Diving during the excursion takes place after briefing under the guidance of an experienced guide, observing all safety precautions.
  • Attention: observing these beautiful and majestic creatures in their natural habitat can become one of the most powerful experiences in your life!

During the migration season, trips and excursions are organized to places of accumulation of plankton. This time of year, whale shark fishing is one of the most popular excursions in Cancun.

Excursion swimming with whale sharks off Holbox Island, Mexico

As a rule, the excursion starts early in the morning, around 8 o'clock, when a boat with a group of happy tourists departs from the Cancun pier. Upon arrival at the place where whale sharks gather, tourists undergo detailed instructions, and then they plunge into the water, where, being at the surface, they observe the fascinating and pacifying process of shark feeding. The whale shark filters the water containing the nutrient microorganisms during feeding, making it through the mouth and releasing it through the gill openings. At this time, the shark moves very slowly, sometimes hovering in the water in an almost vertical position relative to the surface.

Just imagine - the waters of the majestic ocean are around you, and a few meters from you are these magnificent creatures, the size of which can reach 12 meters! Peaceful giants feed calmly and relaxed before your eyes. And you observe all this in the stunning silence of blue silence. The amazing whale shark experience in Cancun has the potential to be one of the most exhilarating and memorable experiences of your life. Moreover, plankton colonies attract whale sharks and other powerful inhabitants of the ocean depths - giant sea devils, manta rays, which are also absolutely harmless and safe for humans. If you are lucky enough to see whale sharks and manta rays at the same time, then the excursion can be considered 100% successful!

Isla Mujeres

After the active part of the excursion, it's time to relax and unwind. We will head to one of the most beautiful islands in Mexico - Isla Mujeres. We will anchor at the northern part of the island, famous for its magnificent white-sand beaches. Tourists will be served a light lunch with fresh seafood. After lunch, you can swim in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea and enjoy the serene views.

If you prefer to go on a whale shark sailing excursion in Mexico with a group of friends or family, then the best choice for you is to book a private tour.

Tour rules Swimming with whale sharks in Cancun

We also remind you that to fully enjoy whale shark snorkeling in Mexico, you must follow the following rules.

  • The whale shark is a rare and beautiful species, the number of which is constantly decreasing, therefore any meeting between a person and a shark should take place with the utmost respect for this marine individual.
  • During the excursion, follow all the rules of conduct when interacting with a whale shark. This way you can help preserve the species.
  • Stay a few meters away from the whale shark. Do not get too close to sharks, as such interference can stress the shark and disrupt its natural rhythm of life.
  • Try to be calm in the water and make the minimum amount of movement.
  • Never touch the shark, as whale sharks are vulnerable to alien bacteria carried by humans.
  • Remember that the whale shark is a migratory species. Migration to places of seasonal accumulation of plankton is extremely important for the conservation of the species. Any interference with the feeding or breeding processes of whale sharks adversely affects their reproduction and, consequently, the preservation of the species.

All the rules of the excursion Swimming with whale sharks are extremely simple, but observing them, you will not only get absolutely incredible pleasure from your vacation in Mexico, but you can proudly call yourself “responsible tourists” because respect for the environment is an indispensable condition for preserving wonders the surrounding world for our descendants!

Restrictions for an excursion to whale sharks in Mexico

  • Tour participants must be able to swim.
  • The excursion is strictly contraindicated in pregnancy.
  • We ask you to refrain from the tour in case of severe back pain and heart disease.
  • If you suffer from motion sickness, we ask you to take care of taking your motion sickness medication before the start of the tour.